so, i’m a married mother, father of two. I explored my sexuality throught out Tumblr and porn(4chan, trans, Mutant Ninja turtels and xmen). Really did a good decision, not sure tho. But that doesn’t matter, what it does is this

They occasionally worship me and call me daddy. But that doesn’t matter too, what does is the amazing tits that i’m gonna show  to you! 

🐝 Number one, substain dominance. They can smell your fear and will demoted everyone then leave like fuking horny 12 year olds, trust me i did it once

Two: be the bigger men, if someone is better then you, kicked him. If anyone thinks that your bad, marry them, get terrorist insurence, then kill them and blame it on be laden, bush did it and it worked, why wont it for you? 

Threesome: never take responsibility of your action, always blame it on your right hand

Fourtenn: is the perfect number #age_is_just_a_number #jail_bars_have_holes